It all started with a few friends looking to make a positive impact on their community, and blossomed into a summer festival that attracted up to 10,000 people a year to Sylvan Lake. Since 2008 Shake The Lake has been able to play host to sun seekers, athletes, bands, and families from across North America, and show love to them with an All-Ages, Free-Admission, Action Sports and Music Festival.

We have had a seriously awesome time with all of you!

But… All good things come to an end.

Shake The Lake has been the result of hundreds of love-motivated volunteers from inside and way outside Sylvan Lake, Alberta; and we are massively grateful for every single minute they have invested in our cause. A cause that was and always has been: to love with no strings attached. We feel we have done that, and we hope you felt the love!

A festival the size of Shake The Lake has hundreds of moving parts that need to be managed by an army of people; and in the case of our free-admission festival, by volunteers. Of the hundreds of volunteers that have made Shake The Lake possible, it has been orchestrated behind the scenes by a small yet instrumental, core team of year-round volunteers. Seasons change, and for most of our team that has meant having to turn our attention to things like new young families, new jobs, new businesses, and other key opportunities. This has all come together to spell new things for us, and the end of a gnarly season in all of our lives, called Shake The Lake.

It’s hard for us to see and accept that our labour of love is coming to an end, but we know that new things will rise up in its place. In fact we encourage you to step up with your idea! Shake The Lake was birthed in regular people and fueled by motivation and hard work. If you can dream it, and you have the guts to work it, you can do it! Our team members will continue to work on new events, websites, clothing lines, skate shops, festivals, action sports competitions, and the glue that kept us all going, friendships and a love for community.

So let our parting words to you be this:

We had a great time building this festival for you.
We love you. God loves you. And we’ll see you down the trail.

The Shake The Lake Volunteer Army.
And as always,